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St Julian's Church

Visiting the Shrine

The Julian Shrine Today

Julian of Norwich is known and loved throughout the world for her book The Revelations of Divine Love, the earliest known book written in English by a woman. Written near the turn of the 15th century, Revelations has inspired generations of people for its groundbreaking theological understanding of God's love and radical perception of grace.

After receiving a series of sixteen revelations from God during a near-death experience, Julian chose a life of hermitic solitude as an anchoress attached to St Julian's Church in Norwich, spending the remainder of her life locked in a single, small cell. Here she wrote the book for which she has become so loved.

After a devastating bomb destroyed St Julian's Church in WWII, the church was faithfully rebuilt, during which time the newly discovered foundations of what is believed to be Julian's Cell (lost in the centuries after Julian's death) were also rebuilt so that visitors can make pilgrimage to this holy place.

Over six centuries after Julian was born, the Julian Shrine continues to be a place of peace, contemplation and spiritual discovery. Julian's Cell, set within the lively parish church of St Julian's, draws visitors from every corner of the world from casual tourists to lifelong pilgrims. The Shrine consists of the church, walled garden, visitor centre with book and giftshop, and a newly refurbished retreat house offering environmentally-friendly hospitality to guests.

Lady Julian's Cell
The Julian Shrine Map

Plan your visit

St Julian's Church
A lively parish church with multiple daily services, St Julian's also contains the recreated anchorhold of Julian of Norwich. Open daily. Click here for service times.

The Julian Garden
The churchyard surrounding St Julian's is a walled garden, an urban oasis much loved by nature and pilgrims. A contemplative, quiet space to reflect. Open daily.

The Julian Centre
Our dedicated visitor centre contains a book and gift shop as well as information about Julian, toilets and light refreshments. Well stocked with Julian translations as well as other books and a selection of Julian crafts and souvenirs. Contact the Centre manager here.

All Hallows Guesthouse
Our seven bedroom guesthouse retreat is perfect for spending more time at the Shrine and exploring all that Norwich has to offer. Click here for more information. Also contains the Julian of Norwich Reference Library, a comprehensive collection of Julian-related texts available for study days or browsing.
Open to non-residents. Email the Hospitality Manager to book.
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