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In 2023, on the 650th anniversary of Julian of Norwich's Shewings, we had a reference to Julian in King Charles III's coronation screen, a letter to the parish by the Archbishop of Canterbury, and a letter from Pope Francis to the Diocese of Norwich. Julian's impact is only continuing to grow and we receive greater numbers of visitors than ever before as people discover her life-changing Revelations for themselves. 

Despite the worldwide impact that Julian has, the team around the Shrine is very small. We greatly value anyone who is interested in volunteering with us to keep our work alive and to ensure that there is a welcoming presence for visitors to experience during their time at the Shrine. If you live locally and would like to volunteer with us, click here to find out more.

The Julian Shrine, and St Julian's Church, are registered charities and do not receive any regular government funding or assistance from other funding bodies. To survive financially, we rely on our guesthouse and visitor centre as well as generous donations from members of the public. If you value the work that we do, please give generously so that we can continue to share the life and witness of Lady Julian to visitors from around the world.

Lady Julian's Cell
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