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Julian of Norwich's Cell



Lady Julian of Norwich

In 14th century Norwich a young woman fell under a life-threatening illness, during which she experienced a series of extraordinary visions. These revelations transformed her life, and after a miraculous recovery she took vows to live as an Anchoress, locking herself away in a small cell attached to a church in Norwich. In this cell, she wrote her account of the revelations she had been given and in so doing became the first woman to write a book in English...

Lady Julian of Norwich's Cell


Today the Julian Shrine attracts visitors from around the world to the place where Julian lived and wrote her Revelations. No visit to Norwich is complete without a pilgrimage to the Shrine, just a short walk from the marketplace, castle or cathedral. As well as visiting St Julian's church (containing Julian's cell), there is the Julian garden, visitor centre and bookshop as well as our guesthouse retreat accommodation. If travelling with a group click here to get in touch so we can offer you the best experience to fit your needs.

Lady Julian's Cell

Lady Julian's Cell

St Julian's Church, containing Julian of Norwich's cell, is open daily from 8:30am to 6:30pm for prayer and reflection

The Julian Centre

Visitor Centre

Just up the hill from St Julian's church, the Julian Centre offers pilgrims simple refreshment as well as information on Julian and a wide range of books and gifts.

All Hallows Guesthouse

Shrine Accommodation

Pilgrims and travellers are invited to stay at All Hallows Guesthouse, our on-site 8-bedroom retreat housed in a former convent and perfect for quiet stays exploring Norwich and the Julian Shrine.

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